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Lean Into

The Daily Challenges Of Life

Life isn't always

Smooth Sailing..

We have no control over life’s events, but we do have control over our reactions to them.

At Stello, we are here to help you explore that inner world (your thoughts, emotions, and sensations), because that’s where real transformation takes place.

As a starting point, we created a mint with hemp extract to help you stay balanced and centered — no matter where life takes you.

Hello, Stello Mints

Meet your new favorite sidekick for a peaceful inner world. Stello mints give you quick calm on-the-go, whether you are stuck in “LA style” traffic or spending your weekend knee-deep in spreadsheets.

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  • A Month Supply of Calm: 30 Mints Per Container
  • Made with Hemp Extract: 5mg Per Mint (THC Free)
  • Bold Flavors: Peppermint, Lemon, and Matcha
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Refreshingly cool, fresh, and under control.


The soothing flavor of green sereni-tea.


When you want to hit reset and just tart over.

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